Black Owl Media | 2011-06-10-VoodooFix

( "“We’ve always been a live band. It’s the way we write songs, the way we record, and the reason we play in the first place.” - TVF

The Voodoo Fix is a rock band, living on stage since 2007. With their recent album drop at the House of Blues on Sunset, Not For Nothing is providing a fix for fans who are genuinely connecting to the music. In what they call “swamp rock from the city,” The Voodoo Fix create a dirty cocktail of blues, folk, and funk and deliver it with a swagger that only comes from sleeping on floors and playing on the road. With their smile-demanding music videos and busy schedule, it is clear that The Voodoo Fix is on their way up. Much to the anticipation of fans who have grown addicted, Not For Nothing is dropped officially.